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Welcome to Lowry School for Pool & Spa Chemistry
Water chemistry for the non-chemist
Lowry School of Pool and Spa Chemistry
  Water Chemistry  

What Will The Lowry School Courses Do For You?

The Lowry School of Pool and Spa Chemistry offers the most definitive courses on pool & spa water chemistry in the industry. Students attending Level I will gain a comprehensive, working knowledge of practical water chemistry, regardless of previous experience. Municipal, hotel/motel, YMCA / YWCA / YHCA, Health Inspectors and campground pool operators will find this course invaluable. Level II takes the fundamentals taught in Level I and applies them to a wide variety of pool problems.



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Why water chemistry?

“Over 90% of pool problems are caused by poor water chemistry”

Levels I and II of the Lowry School are unique in their approach to pool/spa water management. Diverting from other pool operator courses, they approach water management from a chemical perspective. While not ignoring the importance and instruction of filtration and circulation, it is the chemistry of the water that constantly changes due to bather load, source water and sanitizers added to the pool. This chemistry is taught in a practical manner, making it understandable for operators with little or no training. The causes of most pool/spa problems are discussed and useful solutions are given. Completion of the courses will give the student the tools to handle the many problems caused by faulty water chemistry and to evaluate the most cost effective way of managing a pool.



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