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A little bit about us...
Lowry School of Pool and Spa Chemistry
  90% of pool problems are caused by poor water chemistry  

Founded in 1980 by Dr. R. Neil Lowry, the Lowry School of Pool & Spa Chemistry has become the most comprehensive chemistry course in the industry. Dr. Lowry designed the schools after realizing that years of practical knowledge and experience in the industry had never been put into a training format. Being a chemist himself he observed that over 90% of pool problems are caused by poor water chemistry and recognized a need to pass on his knowledge. Dr. Lowry was a fierce defender of the integrity of the industry when it came to water treatment and loved to teach water chemistry and proper sanitation to its members.

Richard Hubbard is quoted in the Pool & Spa Marketing Magazine in their April 2006 issue as saying “I found him to be one of the most knowledgeable chemists in North America and the most balanced in fairness when it came to critiquing products. He was also well known for his many water chemistry seminars and symposiums in both Canada in the United States.”

Today, Lowry School continues to offer both courses through in-class training and correspondence. Both the Level I & Level II courses have been recently updated by Dr. Lowry with new workbooks and course content to reflect current industry standards and health regulations.





Dr. Neil Lowry, Founder Lowry Schools

Who is Dr. Lowry?

A native of Windsor, Ontario, Dr. Lowry completed his Bachelor of Science (Chemistry) from the University of Western Ontario and Doctorate in inorganic chemistry from Cornell University.

Dr. Lowry was a consultant to government and industry. He contributed to the present regulations for public spas for the office of the Ontario Ministry of Health. Dr. Lowry designed the model labels for pool products regulated under the federal Pest Control Products Act.

In his twenty-six years in the pool industry, Dr. Lowry published extensively in trade journals and gave numerous talks on pool and spa chemistry throughout North America. He was the only Canadian voting member of the Association of Pool & Spa Professionals Recreational Water Quality Committee which sets pool and spa standards recognized throughout North and South America.




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