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Core Water Chemistry Course
Lowry School of Pool and Spa Chemistry

Core Water Chemistry Course
(2 Day Course)
Individual: $435 +tax
Correspondence: $250.00 +tax & Shipping


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Pool and Spa Chemistry Course Level 1
Updated course material

CWC Certification courses focus largely on water chemistry, providing students with the tools to handle many problems caused by faulty water chemistry.

We've taken our past student's comments into consideration when designing our Core Water Chemistry (CWC) course. The in-class course will have a more hands on approach to pool and spa maintenance and includes the following subjects:

  • Basic concepts of pool water maintenance
  • Water balance, testing methods and adjusting procedures
  • Communicable diseases and CT values
  • Chlorine and bromine sanitation, testing methods and adjusting procedures
  • Alternative Sanitizers
  • Hot (Spa) Water Chemistry
  • Fitration and Circulation
  • Province-based pool & spa regulations — all educational requirements for public pool and spa operators are includes

Upon successful completion of this course, attendees will receive a degree of certification. This degree is proof of attaining a level of knowledge necessary to be a certified pool water technician in any province of Canada.



Course Fee:

Individual: $435 +tax

Correspondence: $250.00 +tax & Shipping


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